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The Eastern Regional Committee, National Council for Teacher Education, Bhubaneswar in its order No. ERC/ 7-41/ (ER-41.6:3) / 2004/ 504 dated 6th February, 2004 withdrew recognition for conducting B.Ed. course in DEOMORNOI B.ED. COLLEGE.


The ERC, NCTE deputed a visiting team on 30/06/2009 to inspect the DEOMORNOI B.ED. COLLEGE vide the order No. ERC/ 02-58/2005/ (part-1) Inspn/ 2005/270 dated June, 19, 2009.


DEOMORNOI B.ED. COLLEGE was asked to appeal before the NCTE under section 18 (1) of the NCTE Act, 1993 vide the order N. ERC/ 7-98.5 (1). 1/ 2009/ 853 dated 26th July, 2009 with fulfill of NCTE Norms.


The DEOMORNOI B.ED COLLEGE has appealed before the NCTE by appeal No. ERC/ 7-98.5 (1). 1/2009/853 of 26th July, 2009 for grant of Recognition for B.Ed. Course of one year duration.


The NCTE issued letter No. 89-1076/2009- Appeal/ A3174 dated 1/10/2009 considering the appeal for recognition directed to depute representative to present the case before NCTE, Hans Bhawan, wing II, I, Bahadur Shah Zafor Marg, New Delhi- 110002. on 14/10/2009 at 10-30 a.m.


The DEOMORNOI B.ED. COLLEGE sent one representative on 14/ 10/ 2009 to take the case with proper documents full filling the NCTE Norms. Consequently, the NCTE grants recognition to DEOMORNOI B.ED. COLLEGE vide the Order No. AS-S/ N-2/ 2005 /2102 (1) Dated 20th November, 2009 for conducting B.Ed. Course of Secondary (level) of one year duration with an annual intake of 100 (one hundred) from the academic session 2009-2010.


DEOMORNOI B.ED. COLLEGE has received the affiliation order from Gauhati University vide the letter No. GU/ AFF/ 2010/ 1353 dated 22.5.2010.


To update the Web-site of per provision of NCTE Regulation furnished the following disclosure


Application form. (Available in download Section)

Land and building particulars. (Available in download Section)

Staff profile. (Available in download Section)

Recognition letter (File No. AS-S/N-2/2005/2102 (1) Ref. No. 89-1076/2009 Appeal/ A5961/ Dt.20th Nov.2009. (Available in download Section)

Affiliation letter (Vide No. G.U./ AFF/2010/1353 dt. 22/5/2010). (Available in download Section)

List of schools used for internship. (Available in download Section)




Measuring 8 (eight) Bigha under Sarabari Mauza in village Kharkhowapara covered by Dag No. 655 (old) and Dag No. 748 (New) of District, Darrang (Assam) was registered in 1996.

(Documents Available in download Section)




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Plinth Area

Library cum Reading Room

18.41m x 12.10m

Computer Lab

9.20m x 12.10m

Psychology Lab

9.20m x 12.10m

Social Science cum small group Lab

9.20m x 12.10m

Educational Technology Lab

9.20m x 12.10m

Seminar Room

9.14m x 18.60m

Theory class Room

9.14m x 15.67m

Method class Room

9.14m x 10.64m

Method Class Room

9.14m x 10.64m

Theory Class Room

9.14m x 11.41m

Staff Room

8.10m x 11.10m

Office Room

8.10m x 11.10m

Principal Room

5.10m x 11.10m

Store Room

3.00m x 11.10m


9.14m x 2.00m


9.14m x 1.18m

Total Plinth Area

1586.18 Sq